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POLYCOLOR ICE Ltd - the company which is dynamically developing in the market of modern finishing materials since 2000. Now it is the versatile manufacturing and engineering enterprise which joins the highly skilled specialists engaged in production, and also technology improvement of the decorative concrete stone of the ARTKAM™. Reasonable choice and optimization of concrete mixes on the basis of various cements, fillers and modifiers allows to make high quality products of a wide range of assignments. Systematic developments in the field of methodology of coloring of the decorative concrete permit making color products according to individual customer requirements. For all items the company provides warranties and certificates, which allow the consumer to be confident of high quality, environmental and durability.


In 2004 we have mastered the technology and started the mass production of semi-rigid (plastic) molds of the ARTPLAST™ for casting concrete products. In 2005 we have developed the technology and begun pilot production of elastic (rubber-like) molds of the ARTELAST™ for cast concrete. Scientifically reasonable choice of the best material for molds allowed to eliminate a number of labor-intensive and technologically outdated stages, such as greasing, washing and steaming of molds and vibro-demolding. Molds ARTPLAST and ARTELAST meet the best indicator of "price-to-output".  Used advanced technology allows to replicate every detail of any stone items, including nature originals. Our molds have been already using many plants of Russian and foreign companies, from Vladivostok to Jerusalem.


Since 2004, POLYCOLOR developed and offered small business the technological package and training for manufacturing of man-made stone and concrete veneer for facing and paving.


Production of the company was repeatedly exposed at the Architectural and construction forum of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair (Russia), highly appreciated by organizers, and awarded by diplomas.